Herbert Adams (Герберт Адамс)

(1874-1958) английский писатель, автор детективов, юмористических стихов и рассказов. Под псевдонимом Джонатан Грей написал два триллера. Происшествия в его детективах зачастую связаны с соревнованиями по гольфу.
Работал топографом.
Серия о Джимми Хасвелле:
The Secret of Bogey House (1924)
The Crooked Lip (1926)
The Queen’s Gate Mystery (1927)
The Empty Bed (1928)
Rogues Fall Out (1928)
The Golden Ape (1930)
The Crime in the Dutch Garden (1931)
The Paulton Plot (1932)
The Woman in Black (1933)
Серия о Роджере Бэннионе:
Death Off the Fairway (1936)
The Old Jew Mystery (1936)
A Single Hair (1937)
Black Death (1938)
The Damned Spot (1938)
The Nineteenth Hole Mystery (1939)
The Case of the Stolen Bridegroom (1940)
The Chief Witness (1940)
Roger Bennion’s Double (1941)
Stab in the Back (1941)
The Araway Oath (1942)
Signal for Invasion (1942)
Victory Song (1943)
Four Winds (1944)
The Writing on the Wall (1945)
Diamonds Are Trumps (1947)
Crime Wave at Little Cornford (1948)
One to Play (1949)
The Dean’s Daughters (1950)
The Sleeping Draught (1951)
The Exit Skeleton (1952)
The Spectre in Brown (1953)
Slippery Dick (1954)
The Judas Kiss (1955)
Welcome Home! (1956)
Death on the First Tee (1957)
Death of a Viewer (1958)
Внецикловые романы:
A Virtue of Necessity (1899)
By Order of the Five (1925)
The Sloane Square Mystery (1925)
Comrade Jill (1926)
Caroline Ormsby’s Crime (1929)
Oddways (1930)
The Golf House Murder (1933)      aka John Brand’s Will
The Knife (1933)      aka The Strange Murder of Hatton, K.C
Mystery and Minette (1934)
Safety Last (1934) (with Jonathan Gray (Herbert Adams))
The Body in the Bunker (1935)
Fate Laughs (1935)
A Word of Six Letters (1936)      aka Murder Without Risk
The Owl (1937) (with Jonathan Gray (Herbert Adams))
The Scarlet Feather (1943)
Murder Most Just (1956)
Сборники рассказов:
The Perfect Round (1927)


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